Erottajankatu 9 / Skillnadsgatan 9
00130 Helsinki / Helsingfors

BioGeoClimate Modelling Lab, a research group from the University of Helsinki uses modelling methods to understand patterns and processes concerning biogeography, geomorphology, and climatology, and their interactions. The research lab has conducted field studies in the tundra landscape in Kilpisjärvi, northern Finland, for several years. The tundra landscape in Kilpisjärvi, Finland, between the mountains Saana and Jehkas is part of the sub-Arctic mountain tundra, characterized by a high abundance of seasonal snowbeds and steep environmental gradients related to elevation and mesotopography. Vegetation at the study site is a mosaic of dwarf-shrub heaths and meadows. Winter is long, and snow covers the ground for a long time of the year.

Hanna Kanto, who has also spent a lot of time in Kilpisjärvi and other parts of Lapland, was following the research group’s field work during the summer 2018. After the summer the dialogue continued and Hanna Kanto started to create artwork. By using modern research equipment and statistical modelling the researchers can observe phenomena, which might be invisible for a human eye. In Kanto`s art scientific results get visual characters where the documentary and fiction are mixed.