Korpela Land

17 July – 15 August 2021, Kiruna, Sweden

There is a balance between the respect of leaving things untouched, allowing them to fade over time into vague memories of an ever-decreasing number of people, and the need to create an understanding of events that have affected individuals and societies over several generations.

Korpela Land is a collaborative project between Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten and the Institute in Vitsaniemi consisting of the art exhibition It’is terribly close now,  The Revival performance and the Black Metal band Korpelarörelsen. From a contemporary perspective and a collective approach, the band and eleven invited artists approach the revival movement in a project where visitors are invited to take part of how the image of conviction, faith and fanaticism has depicted the movement with consequences for generations to come. 

Participating artists:

Andreas R Andersson | Karin Drake | Hanna Kanto | Linn Hilda Lamberg & Benjamin Quigley | Pontus Lindvall | Tilda Lovell | Oskar Nilsson | Roland Persson | Anna-Karin Rasmusson | Lena Ylipää