Cloud project

Truant School-bermuda / Sergy / France

Clouds, The 17th International Architecture Exhibition, Venedic, Italy

The Cloud series consists of three paintings where I am zooming in the cloud on a level of aerosol particles and water molecules. Aerosols are complex particles which play a critical role in the formation of a cloud by serving a condensation nuclei for the water molecule in the atmosphere. Clouds consist of many different sections in different layers of the atmosphere where they are overlapping each other. Clouds have multiple effects on atmospheric changes and thereby they play the greatest role in climate change.

By using hazy airbrush and thin oil color layers, I am studying movements and connections of different substances in the atmosphere. My works are based on the climate research – how the connections between the elements take place at different levels, and how the changes mutually affect on them. These themes emerge repeatedly in my paintings due to the layered character of my artistic practice.