Kuvan Kevät 2020

10 October – 8 November 2020

The Academy of Fine Arts, Exhibition Laboratory B

Helsinki, Finland

I climb into the valley between the Saana and Jehkas fells. The thicket of birch trees suddenly gives way to a sight that extends far into the horizon. The only signs of the long, snowy winter are the occasional white patches in the shadows of the hills. Apart from the grey blockfield, everything around me is green. I stand in the middle of sedges and hay, junipers, dwarf birches and northern bilberries. 

In the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to observe the fieldwork of a scientific expedition in Kilpisjärvi. By using delicate research instruments and statistical modelling, the researchers could reveal phenomena related to the soil, vegetation, cycle of elements and climate, which lie beyond the reach of the naked eye. My artistic work is based on the objects of the research project, the equipment used in the project and the information gained from the results. The connections between the elements take place at different levels, and the changes in them mutually affect each other. These themes emerge repeatedly in my paintings due to the layered character of my artistic practice.